BSA Lifestructures

Unique Cancer Center Lighting Installation

August 3, 2017

BSA LifeStructures has worked with the Phelps Delbert Day Cancer Center, located in Rolla, Missouri,  to design a “Beacon of Hope” lighting installation on the exterior of the facility. This, five story tall, installation broadcasts color changes and displays a small light show for each patient to activate as they pass major milestones throughout their medical journey to fight the disease.

The lighting controls are activated for each patient to share their success stories throughout the hospital as well as the community. The light is tailored to each patient’s journey, to celebrate and encourage their fight with cancer and enhance the overall patient experience. This beacon is similar to the bell in the lobby of many cancer centers that is rang throughout treatments.

The Beacon is active during the following stages for each patient:

Milestone Marker 1 – A Breath of Hope– The light reflects a heartbeat when they pass their first treatment

Milestone Marker 2 – Second Treatment Milestone- Intended to honor the water theme of the rest of the building design. Water provides life and, similar to the treatment process, is flowing in the right direction.

Milestone Marker 3 – Final treatment – A solid, strong color that stands tall after they beat cancer.

When each patient passes one of these milestones, they have the opportunity to activate the Beacon from a switch. When the light is switched, an immediate interior event scene appears at the main reception desk where the a blue light will fade to white and then back to blue, notifying everyone in the lobby of the accomplishment. The staff will  then let the patient know that the main Beacon will light up in their honor for the evening once the sun sets.

The Beacon was implemented into the design in order create a very personalized and humanized story to share Delbert Day’s role in successfully impacting patient’s lives.