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Tyler Trent’s Contributions to Science and the Benefits of Animal Research

Scott Kreitlein, AIA, LEED AP, BSA National Discovery Market LeaderFebruary 14, 2019

In the evening of the January 1, 2019, Purdue University super fan Tyler Trent passed away from a rare, and debilitating form of bone cancer known as osteosarcoma. The positive approach to the life he lived, and his enthusiastic commitment to sport’s journalism will be a source of inspiration to many for several years to come. However, it is the support he provided to the scientific research community as a cancer patient that will no doubt have a greater impact on humanity, and the incredible legacy he will leave behind.

Tyler recognized that his unique form of cancer provided an opportunity for others who might walk the same path as he did to benefit from his experience. He was an avid proponent of biomedical research and participated extensively in a new approach to personalized treatment known as precision medicine.  By donating his tumor cells for use in scientific and medical research, Tyler is providing a valuable source of information to researchers who are seeking to understand how the tumor tissue grows within a living organism.

The results of these investigations provide vital data in the development of new treatments and enhance the prospects of someday discovering a cure. His contributions to science, along with the efforts of millions of others would be futile without the contributions of animal research. By injecting a specially bred species of mice with the tumor cells provided by Tyler, scientists can analyze the effects of the cancer on living tissue and develop treatments that suppress its growth. This procedure is just one of the many ways animal research continues to provide benefit to human health.

Within BSA’s discovery market, our designers and lab planners work on a variety of laboratories and research facilities which include animal research. Animal research, and the benefit it provides to human health is consistent with our mission of “creating inspired solutions that improve lives.”

As evidenced with the Tyler Trent story and many others like it, animal research offers a source of validation unachievable by any other known process. BSA is proud to come alongside our clients, such as Purdue University, to ensure the design of their facilities support effective solutions to their research challenges.

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