Yendi Municipal Hospital Master Plan

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Yendi Municipal Hospital

Yendi, Ghana


BSA partnered with Mission:318, a medical mission organization, to develop a master plan for the 270-bed Yendi Municipal Hospital in Ghana. To solicit the best ideas across the organization, BSA organized an internal competition combining the strongest concepts into a comprehensive master plan. The final concept is inspired by the Ghanian craft of weaving together individual fibers to create colorful, regional fabrics. The ethnographically-centered master plan focuses on providing regenerative facilities, modern healing environments focused on staff recruitment/retention, and a social/educational hub for patients, families, and the community.

Re-envisioned as a future-oriented regional healthcare campus, the Yendi Hospital Master Plan incorporates virtual patient care; forms Centers of Excellence in surgery, women’s, and children’s; improves the emergency department as a way of decompressing ward volume; and adds a VIP ward for tribal dignitaries specific to that region.

The master plan allows for future expansion to the north of the existing campus with covered walkways to reach the new buildings. The Yendi Municipal Hospital Master Plan serves as a template to advance healthcare in other underserved areas of the world and a catalyst aimed at making a regional and national impact.



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