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East Quad Site Development

University of Notre Dame East Quad

The New Quad project at The University of Notre Dame is located to the east of the Hesburgh Library. Residence halls are to the west of the project site, academic buildings to the south, a mix of parking and apartments to the east, with parking and athletic fields to the north.

Within the parameters of the existing Campus Master Plan, the New Quad Project complements the character of the existing campus with shade trees defining the edges of open spaces and unifying surrounding architecture. Large open lawn areas are crossed with a limited amount of sidewalks to provide maximum space for recreation and to cultivate the pastoral look that defines Notre Dame’s campus today.

Site grading and drainage ensures the quad functions alongside the existing campus while minimizing certain view and enhancing others. Utility relocations accommodate many current and future building projects.

Project Statistics

  • Client University of Notre Dame
  • Location Notre Dame, Indiana
  • Size 479,160 SF
  • Service Provided Campus Planning, Landscape Architecture, Civil Engineering