Sciences Complex Addition and Renovation

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Butler University

Indianapolis, Indiana


As academic trends and teaching methods evolve, Butler University wants to ensure its science facilities support today’s and future needs by creating spaces that encourage interdisciplinary and collaborative learning and research. This project will incorporate adaptability and flexibility for changing curricula and pedagogy. The facility will embody principles of stewardship of natural and university resources.

Gallahue Hall and Holcomb Building were designed in an international style modern language in the 1970s to serve the sciences and business. The intent is to retain and enhance the existing architectural character during renovation.

The building master plan proposes a more efficient use of space. Academic and research spaces will be connected and grouped by department. Connectivity will be enhanced by the placement of active learning classrooms, the reinvented library, and the new atria. Modular lab layouts will enhance flexibility and future adaptability. The research space will be open and shared.


Architecture, Interior Design, Planning

Sciences Complex Addition and Expansion