UNC Rex Holly Springs MOB

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Holly Springs, North Carolina


This 3-story expansion to an existing 2-story medical office building meets the needs of a growing community located within the Research Triangle metropolitan area. Sited on the corner of a prominent intersection in Holly Springs, NC, a two-story glass atrium marks the building’s entry and provides easy access to the diverse range of medical offices housed in this facility.
The L-Shaped overall building plan provides ample daylight and views to all tenants. The addition of the 3-story piece enriches the site and adds to the building’s presence among the major intersection.  With urgent care facilities housed within the building, it is open for operation 7 days a week. Services added include REX Sleep Disorders Center, North Carolina Surgery, REX Vascular Specialists UNC Family Medicine, and Pediatrics and Raleigh Orthopaedic Clinic.