BSA Lifestructures

UNC REX Healthcare Cancer Center

As UNC REX Healthcare’s cancer treatment services outgrew their current facilities, the Health System decided not to simply expand current spaces, but to create a new comprehensive outpatient cancer facility. Existing spaces were landlocked, and a new site was founded for the cancer center in an attempt to allow full functional capacity.

One question was always considered: How will the building adapt to future changes in cancer treatment and future expansion? To ensure users could be fully engaged in the process of developing the design for the UNC REX Healthcare Outpatient Cancer Center, our design team used technology to let users see how their input might take concrete form.

Simulation modeling allowed us to consider a range of scenarios and estimate needs and opportunities, from the amount of parking needed under various growth projections to how increases in pre-registration might affect overall patient flow. This process supported planning for increases in patient load and helped identify problems early. The result? A facility that is prepared for the future rather than one that waits to react to it. View the simulation model, here.

The 148,000 SF design balances effective and functional treatment spaces with open and supportive community spaces for those who must spend time in a place they never wanted to be in. It focuses on people and dignity for patients and staff. Everything from the shape of the building to the materials used throughout the facility is intended to offer a decidedly human scale and feel.

Project Statistics

  • Client UNC Rex Healthcare
  • Location Raleigh, NC
  • Size 145,000 SF