BSA Lifestructures

Swain Hall East & West Renovation

The Swain Hall East and West complex renovation offers a new environment for students and faculty while remaining true to the historic Bloomington campus.

The facility houses physics and astronomy departments and provides a distinguishable main entrance to the building while connecting the building to the campus and the University’s iconic 20-acre Dunn’s Woods.


Sustainable Sites

  • Development Density and Community Connectivity.
  • Public Transportation Access.
  • No added parking.

Water Efficiency

  • 46% water use reduction by utilizing low-flow and
    dual-flush fixtures.

Energy and Atmosphere

  • Energy savings of 20% over a baseline model.
  • Efficient mechanical systems.
  • Green Power.

Materials and Resources

  • Recycling program for building occupants.
  • Over 10% of total building materials are recycled.
  • Over 10% of total building materials are manufactured regionally.

Indoor Environmental Quality

  • Use of low-emitting materials for adhesives, sealants, paints, coatings, flooring systems, and wood products.

Project Statistics

  • Client Indiana University
  • Location Bloomington, Indiana
  • Size 183,162 SF
  • Service Provided Architecture, Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Civil
  • Awards LEED Gold