Strategic Facility Master Plan

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Kansas City, Missouri

250,000 sq ft

The challenge behind this strategic master plan was to identify and accommodate the programmatic needs to support the company’s business goals over ten years. The strategic master plan was completed in 4 phases: facility assessment, information gathering, idea generation, and implementation strategy. In the first phase of facility assessment, the team walked the entire facility assigning each space a green, yellow, or red designation based on agreed-to criteria while taking note of general conditions. The second phase of information gathering began with two rounds of meetings with representatives from each key group and functional area to confirm headcount, adjacencies, current considerations, and future considerations. Upon completing the interviews, a headcount matrix, graphic and tabular program, department diagram, and functional diagrams were created using Revit. The resulting data was then extracted from Revit to create a data-driven gap analysis of where the company is today vs. where they are projected to be in a 3- and 10-year time frame. The gap analysis identified the team’s problem in the next idea generation phase.

Upon completion of the gap analysis, the client decided to expand the scope of the strategic plan to include two additional sites they thought might be better leveraged to meet the company’s growth projections and subsequent space needs. The team then adapted to begin information gathering on the two additional sites while advancing the strategic master plan for the primary site.

The idea generation phase included three workshops with key leaders within the organization to brainstorm and discuss the best path forward for adapting and growing their existing facility to meet its growth plan. As options were narrowed down through discussion, sequencing plans and ROM cost scenarios were developed for the remaining options to assist the company in its internal financial analysis of the possibilities. The team then helped the leadership core team develop an executive summary presentation for the executive management team to present to their board for consideration.


Architecture, Engineering, Planning