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SSM Health Master Facility Plan


SSM Health sought to create the hospital of choice for Mt. Vernon and its surrounding region. To achieve this goal, plans included improved patient safety, enhanced efficiency, creating a healing environment for patients and visitors and providing staff with a desirable workplace environment.

Through focused group meetings, the team was able to identify the current operations that functioned well and those that needed attention. The groups also explored new, alternative care and work concepts, helping shape the new hospital’s desired functionality.

Project Statistics

    • Client:
    • SSM Health
    • Location:
    • Mt. Vemon, Illinois
    • Size:
    • SF
    • Year Completed:
    • 2007

The result is a plan for a full-service, 160-bed acute care facility with all private patient rooms, patient safety improvements, modern outpatient facilities and a 20-room emergency department capable of accommodating 34,000 annual visits. Patient- and family-centered care and patient and staff safety are key considerations in the design.