BSA Lifestructures

Rural Health Innovation Collaborative Planning

The potential combination of current and future health care provides along with the mix of academic, research, clinic, and simulation space that reflects the delivery of healthcare with a team based approach to well being.

The Rural Health Innovation Collaborative (RHIC) engaged BSA LifeStructures to study bringing together educational components of the partner institutions to form a comprehensive interdisciplinary health education program, and a facility that would transform the RHIC District of Terre Haute.

The proposed facility would promote inter-connectivity and collaboration by the design being based upon functional use rather than by institution. The organizational framework is clear and modular to allow for clear way-finding and flexibility to accommodate change and implementation in phases. The architecture is expressive of the urban nature of the district, responds to orientation and the goal of expressing openness and transparency.

Project Statistics

  • Client The Rural Health Innovation Collaborative (RHIC)
  • Location Terre Haute, Indiana
  • Size 402,000 SF
  • Service Provided Planning and Design