Physics and Astronomy Department Renovation

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Indiana University

Bloomington, Indiana

183,162 FT sq ft

Swain Hall East & West Renovation

The Swain Hall East and West complex renovation offers a new environment for students and faculty while remaining true to the historic Bloomington campus. The facility houses physics and astronomy departments and provides a distinguishable main entrance to the building while connecting the building to the campus and the University’s iconic 20-acre Dunn’s Woods.

Due to multiple past additions, students, faculty, and visitors were not utilizing the building as much as the University would have liked. The most recent 1972 addition left the building without an identifiable “front door” and greatly obscures and diminishes the surrounding historic buildings on site.

BSA’s renovation plan entailed multiple phases allowing the facility to remain in operation while under construction. The structure was trimmed so that historic buildings are revealed. An easily identifiable main entrance was added; leading guests into internal commons and building center. The exterior walls, windows, and roof were restored or replaced all while retaining the existing historical character of the building.