BSA Lifestructures

Neighborhood Hospitals

These seven facilities satisfy a growing need to provide dispersed, acute care hospital services to areas surrounding large urban centers. By locating smaller facilities throughout a region, large healthcare systems can care for patients closer to their homes in an intimate, almost boutique setting. The construction of these hospitals will provide efficient, convenient, high quality services using a smaller hospital models focusing on each patient’s needs in a timely manner offering superlative care to both critical and non-critical needs.

The emergency, imaging, and inpatient department will function as separate departments but share administrative, staffing, and support functions as applicable. Adequate space will be given to each function as dictated by code and utilization. These facilities do not anticipate a future expansion.

BSA developed the design for these Neighborhood Hospitals from a prototype that is the basis of a number of similar hospitals to be dispersed throughout the region.

Project Statistics

  • Client Embree Asset Group
  • Location Multiple Locations, Indiana
  • Size 16,000 SF