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Major Hospital

Shelbyville, Indiana


The Major Health Partners Replacement Hospital is a healthcare facility that connects to the Benesse Cancer Center, located in city of Shelbyville, IN. This replacement facility focuses on the goals of flexibility, patient and family centered care, staff efficiencies and improved medical outcomes. This project is one of the first post Affordable Care Act facilities to be completed in the United States.

In 1890, the original Major Hospital was built as a home for the Major Family then later donated to Shelbyville to be the first hospital in Shelby County.  The donation was to happen upon the death of Mrs. Major but she wanted to see the home used as a hospital, so she donated it while she was still living. Mrs. Major lived in the hospital, greeting guests from her rocking chair in the parlor.  When constructing the interior work of this facility, the history of the hospital was kept in mind. The rocking chair of Mrs. Major is now on display in the new hospital’s main lobby. A stone arch structure salvaged from the original mansion is also incorporated into the entry vestibule. Photography of architectural features from the original hospital is displayed in the form of graphic wallcovering, glass, and artwork.

Patient experience was an integral part of the design process and drove all major design decisions. The hospital focuses on outpatient services with a small percentage of inpatient services. An Emergency Department, Imaging, Ambulatory Care Center, Surgery, Birthing Center, ICU, Medical / Surgical Unit and Post-Surgical Unit are included in the new facility. The entire second floor is designated to physician offices and exam space. The inpatient unit, located on the third floor, features a central bath and spa with massage room. Major Health Partner’s approaches the services that they offer by providing state of the art technology, while incorporating the personal touch of addressing the aging population of their community.