BSA Lifestructures

IU Health West Hospital Expansion

When IU Health West opened 14 years ago, it was the first suburban hospital for this healthcare system. However, in 2018 when IU Health decided to expand, due to the need for more space, the decision was made to go up rather than out. Delivered in an Integrated Design Event (IDE) style, this hands on focused approach, utilized full size mock-ups, allowing for brainstorming of ideas and challenging of status quo. This approach empowered users to embrace the design, meaning they were a part of the decision making process as an active participant not just providing periodic feedback to design process outside of their control.

This Lean approach to design also allowed for the testing of the seven flows of healthcare. This challenged the existing facility solution, current operational approach to clinical services, and identified operational savings as well as potential patient and staff satisfaction opportunities.

Project Statistics

  • Location AVON, INDIANA
  • Size 133,350 SF
  • Year Completed 2021