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130,713 SF

This global healthcare leader’s facility is the first step in expanding its research and development (R&D) complex. The new building is part of the continued growth of its Indianapolis footprint and will be the company’s first full-scale facility that utilizes an entirely open approach.

Two core features of the integrated project delivery (IPD) process were the assembly of the complete design and construction team early in the design process and setting up a rhythm of frequent meetings with the multidisciplinary team. The goal of this new collaborative and flexible space model is to collocate previously separated groups into a new research campus, specifically stressing collaboration, innovation, and speed-to-market of new therapies. The key to success will be flexible laboratories that can adapt as research and technology needs evolve, as well as open, interactive meeting spaces that are meant to spark creativity and multi-disciplinary problem-solving. The 130,000 gsf building has an L-shaped configuration, with the labs at the book ends of the north and west wings joined at the “knuckle” by the office and hub spaces connecting the building to the rest of the campus.

The design included implementing innovative spins on the classic fume hood. The client’s design is unusual in that the company estimates that no more than 50 percent of its researchers will be operating their hoods at any given time and hoods are not dedicated to the individual but are allotted based on specific projects. This design lowers energy consumption and operating cost. The laboratory environments are designed as agile, flexible, adaptable, and transparent workspaces. The utility distribution ceiling grid system, the pre-assembled modules with integrated MEP systems and the mobile instrument carts allow for easy change and reconfiguration of the labs. The glass walls between the lab and the non-lab spaces allow for visual transparency and echoes the vision of “Science on Display”.


Commissioning, Engineering


2020 IPSE Facility of the Year Award: Operational Excellence; 2020 Lab Manager Design Excellence Award: Innovation