BSA Lifestructures

Hughes & Pearson Halls Renovation


Hughes and Pearson Halls house Miami University’s Biology and Microbiology departments. In order to adapt and attract new faculty and students, the University decided on a combined 132,000 square foot renovation for the outdated halls.

The Pearson Hall renovation will consist of 95,000 square feet of renovated classrooms, active learning spaces, student study and collaboration areas as well as teaching and research laboratories.

Project Statistics

    • Client:
    • Miami University
    • Location:
    • Oxford, Ohio
    • Size:
    • 132,000 SF
    • Year Completed:
    • 2019

The Hughes hall renovation will consist of 37,000 square feet of renovated space on both the second and third floor. Complete with renovated research labs, teaching classrooms and collaboration space, Hughes hall will serve as swing space to house all Pearson hall occupants while the hall’s renovation is under weigh. After Pearson hall’s completion, Hughes hall will serve the University’s Biology and Science Engineering departments long term.