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UCHealth Greeley Hospital and Medical Center

The 23-acre UCHealth Greeley Campus is comprised of a hospital and medical center that focuses on three primary goals: create a community connection, maintain a cohesive brand, and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Form a Connection: The growing communities of Greeley and Weld County lacked local access to state-of-the-art medical care. People in these communities were required to travel a minimum of 33 miles to receive specialty services and treatments. UCHealth recognized this growing need and began to plan the new hospital and ambulatory care center in 2016. The challenge was to determine which specialty care services were in highest demand and most beneficial to this community.

State-of-the-Art Care: UCHealth utilized prototypical room types for consistency across their facilities. In the spirit of continuous improvement, the prototypes required study to ensure optimal utilization for the community at hand. The design team looked for improvement while keeping the system as a whole in mind.

Maintain a Cohesive Brand: Careful thought was put into how to form a connection to the community with the built environment while maintaining the iconic form of the UCHealth brand. The design team studied forms and an aesthetic story that could reinforce a sense of place to ensure that the UCHealth Greeley Hospital had brand recognition with local roots.

The Hospital is a 4-story facility with 50-beds designed to expand to 150 beds. The hospital acts as a gateway into Greeley and features a branded arch-shaped roof. The design maximizes revenue-generating space through a right-sized patient room and other efficiency metrics. Intensive and inpatient care, emergency, surgery, radiology, advanced cardiology, a birth center, as well as an in-house pharmacy services are included. The hospital connects to a 3-story ambulatory medical center that includes clinics, outpatient infusion, women’s imaging, physical therapy, pre-admission testing, and administration. The clinics feature a “center stage” modular clinic design composed of 10-12 prototypical exam rooms centered on a multidisciplinary care team station.

The design uses form and materiality to reference the surrounding landscape and landmarks nestled up to the Rocky Mountains. The layout and features connect patients to nature to benefit from its physical and spiritual healing properties resulting in a holistic healing experience. During the design phase, BSA created a campus master plan that continues to be updated due to rapid growth in the market.

Project Statistics

  • Client UCHealth
  • Location Greeley, Colorado
  • Size 325,500 SF
  • Service Provided Architecture, Programming, Operational Planning, Medical equipment planning, Master Planning, Project Management, Interiors (hospital only)
  • Awards 2019 IIDA Healthcare Design Award: Community