BSA Lifestructures

GI Clinic and Surgery Center


The Lakewood G.I. Clinic and Surgery Center provides a comfortable healing environment for all patients, visitors, and staff. Carefully designed above the existing surgical suite, the Lakewood G.I. Clinic and Surgery center was created to improve the hospital’s quality of care. The utilization of daylight drawn into each patient bay, the waiting room, and the check out brightens the patient’s experience.

The floor plan allows the staff zone to serve as a link between the clinic and surgery zones thereby optimizing square footage. The 900 SF fluoroscopy room enables the patient to undergo the procedure with ease and in comfort. The facility also features 6 clinical exam rooms, 11 pre/post operation bays, and 2 endoscopy rooms.

Project Statistics

    • Client:
    • Truman Medical Center
    • Location:
    • Kansas City, Missouri
    • Size:
    • 10,895 SF
    • Year Completed:
    • 2016