Dudley Hall and Lambertus Hall

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Purdue University

West Lafayette, Indiana


Purdue’s College of Engineering and Polytechnic Institute (PPI) are experiencing a high rate of rapid growth, in addition to being geographically separated on campus. To support the growth, the first facility in the new Engineering and Polytechnic Gateway Complex will be Lambertus Hall and Dudley Hall, one of Purdue’s largest complexes on campus. The new 251,191-square-foot facility will house interdisciplinary instructional space, design studios for senior and capstone projects, collaborative spaces supporting active learning, and administrative office space. As a first for any university in the nation, this building will feature virtual labs at an extensive scale.

This prominent location will anchor the east end of the 3rd Street Student Success Corridor – which creates a bridge between residential and academic where students live, study, and play – and promotes a solid eastern edge to the recently completed outdoor quad space located due east of the Wilmeth Active Learning Center. Additionally, this building reimagines the Central Drive experience, acting as a new gateway to campus.

The building infrastructure was designed with flexibility and ease of use to support multiple lab spaces with unique requirements to improve system efficiency, functionality, and longevity. The Powertrain Technology Lab, a new, state-of-the-art resource for supporting instructional activities related to traditional internal combustion engine powertrains and electrified powertrains (i.e., hybrids), will have specially designed engine exhaust and combustion air. The Build @ Scale Lab, where students will be able to build, analyze, and improve full-scale industrial systems, will be fit out with in-floor compressed air and electrical distribution boxes. And with the use of intelligent lighting controls, dedicated room controllers, LED lighting, and daylighting sensors, the interior lighting power density is expected to be 37% better than code.

Design Team: Ennead (Design Partner); Fink Roberts & Petrie (Structural Engineer); Schneider Geomatics (Civil Engineer); Rundell Ernstberger (Landscape Architect); Shiel Sexton (Construction Manager as Constructor)


Architecture, Engineering, Interior Design, Planning


2023 – American Concrete Institute Indiana Chapter: Institutional & Cultural

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