BSA Lifestructures

Downtown Design Office Fit-Up

In January 2015, BSA LifeStructures strategically opened the Raleigh, North Carolina office to strengthen the firm’s presence in the southeast region. Building on early success, the office has grown to a staff of 21 professionals serving clients both in North Carolina and surrounding states within our healing, learning, and discovery markets. Recently recognized as a top ten architecture firm in the Triangle, the team needed a space to allow for growth with a focus on collaboration, connectivity, and convenience. With the need for expansion, the Raleigh office designed and up-fitted an unoccupied office space adjacent to the previous office location within 510 Glenwood Ave. The office is centrally located in the heart of Raleigh for team members to engage with the community where they live and work.

With the move across the hall, the office increased from 2,100 square feet to a stunning 4,172 square feet. Our team of architects and designers worked through design charrettes to create an overall vision for the new space. From those charrettes and intense brainstorming sessions, the ‘urban street-scape’ was born. An urban street is an organizing element within a city, meant to inspire connection, engagement, and activity. The elements of an urban street provide visual and conceptual cues that foster collaboration and interaction.

The design highlights a main path of travel with features and finishes that create a window shopping type experience, throughout your journey in the office. A floating light canopy above provides a sense of human scale and folds through the open space. The transparency of the storefronts allows opportunities for the interior spaces to utilize the northern light filtering in through the open studio. The design includes unique modern lighting design and controls, custom reception and conference areas, custom mill-work, ceiling clouds, and raw, exposed building systems with concrete floors. The various conference and smaller collaboration spaces offer state of the art digital media systems, tack-able and dry erase walls. The meticulous attention to detail and abstract representation of city elements make the studio an exciting place to work and collaborate.  The studio showcases cutting-edge products in the design industry, and utilizes the latest technology for collaboration between our firm’s six design offices and clients nationwide.

The project had an accelerated construction schedule of 16 weeks.

Project Statistics

  • Client BSA LifeStructures
  • Location Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Size 4,172 SF
  • Service Provided Architecture, Engineering & Interior Design