BSA Lifestructures

Cox Health Branson Master Plan


A five phase strategic campus plan was generated to meet the long-term healthcare needs of Branson, Missouri and the surrounding communities. BSA LifeStructures architects and operational planners collaborated with the local hospital administration and Cox Health corporate to compose the future of Cox Health Branson and it’s facilities.

The hospital will kick-off this endeavor by utilizing existing shell space and temporarily relocating departments until their permanent locations can be realized. Upon completion of this long-term project, Cox Health Branson will be poised to claim it’s position as the heart of the community. By providing state-of-the-art medical technology and services, this health system will improve the lives of patients and staff alike.

Project Statistics

    • Client:
    • Cox Health
    • Location:
    • Branson, Missouri
    • Size:
    • SF
    • Year Completed:
    • 2016