Community Cancer Center North

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Community Health Network

Indianapolis, Indiana

104,000 SF

Community Health Network has expanded oncology services with the new cancer center on the Community Hospital North campus. The new cancer treatment facility is designed as a model for integrated healthcare to meet patients’ personal needs and the growing demand for cancer care in central Indiana. Community Cancer Center North provides convenient access to quality healthcare services. The center features design elements that create a home-like atmosphere and a warm, contemporary design in order to lift patients’ spirits and help them keep a positive state of mind.

Working with Community Health Network and the design team, BSA’s engineers enabled the design and functions within the infusion rooms to address the special needs of the patients. Patients are given complete control of their environment, including room temperature and lighting.

BSA also compared different HVAC technologies for the best airflow, energy savings, and maintenance costs. It was determined that aircooled VRF was the best system. VRF units work only at the needed rate, allowing for substantial energy savings in partial-load conditions. Heat recovery VRF technology allows individual indoor units to heat or cool as required.


Commissioning, Engineering


2017 ABC Contractor Indiana/Kentucky Chapter: Award of Excellence, Healthcare Over 25M Construction Cost; 2018 Monumental Awards: Merit Award in Engineering

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