BSA Lifestructures

Children’s Mercy Research Institute

Located on a hill overlooking the city, the multi-color glass building serves as a beacon of hope for families with children facing difficult diagnoses, and the spaces within highlight and support the cutting-edge discoveries that fuel such hope. The Children’s Mercy Research Institute (CMRI) transforms the field of pediatric research, integrating a translational model of medicine within a learning health system and increases the client’s research space by nearly six times. Clinicians and scientists will work side by side in this collaborative space to benefit the smallest of patients.
Through innovative and literal scientific design inspiration, the exterior and interior architecture of the Research Institute embodies the DNA of the pediatric patients being treated. Upon entering CMRI, visitors encounter design inspired by geometric shapes that appear simple but reveal increasingly complex patterns shared by both detailed sections and the whole. This concept reflects the intricacies of actual research studies implemented at CMRI and inspire researchers to delve deeper to uncover the complexities of pediatric science.

The ultimate goal for Tom Curran, PhD, FRS, Executive Director and Chief Scientific Officer at CMRI, was to create lab spaces that promote collaboration and the sharing
of knowledge across different fields of pediatric research. Labs were designed in a horseshoe configuration with support space and equipment in the center. Lab benches and related offices radiate outward, replacing typical linear lab alignments that can disconnect bench, office and related services and infrastructure.

Project Statistics

  • Client Children's Mercy Kansas City
  • Location Kansas City, Missouri
  • Size 400,000 SF