BSA Lifestructures

Children’s Mercy Hospital Intensive Care Nursery

The new Children’s Mercy Hospital Intensive Care Nursery offers patients and families a wide range of private and public environments to promote healing.
Children’s Mercy Hospital teamed with the BSA LifeStructures to design a 15,000 square foot expansion and renovation of the Intensive Care Nursery located on the 3rd floor of the hospital.

The design utilizes a variety of private, semi-private, and open bay concepts to create the optimal healing environment for each young patient. Additional space was provided for families with multiples in need of care.

Special attention was given to the acoustics of the space to improve the experience for patients and their families. Creative floor patterns and decorative glass walls were used to assist with wayfinding, while establishing a therapeutic atmosphere.

Project Statistics

  • Client Children's Mercy Kansas City
  • Location Kansas City, MO
  • Size 15,000 SF