Everitt Laboratory Biomedical Engineering Renovation

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University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Urbana, Illinois

136,763 SF

The historic Everitt Laboratory was transformed into an interdisciplinary hub of research and learning. As the world’s first engineering-based college of medicine, the combination of the new Carle College of Medicine and Department of BioEngineering will have space to support all departmental faculty, teaching staff, postdoctoral and graduate students associated with the 20 investigative and computational teams located in the building.

Designed to be the epicenter of the next revolution in biomedical engineering front, the complex features cross-disciplinary work areas clustered according to study and research interests without regard to departmental allegiance. Support spaces to facilitate interaction and collaboration are found throughout the building.

Bioengineering research is located on the first floor, where foci include image-guided surgical systems, biomedical nanotechnology, gene editing, and gene circuits. The ground floor includes the JUMP Simulation Center, an immersive environment with an operating suite, intensive care unit, and clinic exam rooms. Several BSL-2 instructional labs on the third floor support studies on genetic engineering, biofabrication, and tissue engineering.

The labs are adaptable to accommodate evolving technologies and collaborations for prosthetics, medical instruments, and other cutting-edge research.

“The researchers in this building will develop new technologies for early diagnosis of cancer and infectious diseases, develop new prosthesis for the elderly and the disabled and new brain machine interfaces, develop new therapeutic devices and technologies for individualized and personalized medicine — and overall improve the human condition and the quality of life, reduce costs and extend lives by another 50 years.” – Professor Rashid Bashir, Department Head, Bioengineering


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