Natural Sciences Building

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SUCF - SUNY at Old Westbury

Old Westbury, New York


The original Natural Sciences Building at SUNY Old Westbury was constructed in 1985 as a teaching and research facility for biological sciences, chemistry, physics, and public health programs. Since opening, minimal renovation work has been completed on the facility and many architectural components and MEP systems are obsolete. Enrollment growth and changes in teaching and research methodologies have added to the inability of existing classrooms and laboratories to meet the demands of today’s students, faculty, and researchers.

As a result, a planning study was conducted in 2016 that identified the need for an addition of 39,900 GSF to accommodate projected enrollment growth in the Natural Sciences. It also identified the need for a complete renovation to preserve and modernize both the interior and exterior of the existing facility.

In developing the design of the renovation project, the design team considered and provided for the potential of a new wing being added to the building should funding become available.

BSA has developed three distinct renovation layouts during the beginning of the schematic design phase, and one option was selected by the campus and the fund as part of this submission. Completion of the project will require a two-phased approach to construction and will utilize temporary facilities. During each phase of construction, the remainder of the building will remain occupied by students, faculty, and staff.

A complete renovation of laboratory and lecture spaces will take place. Net Zero Carbon directive goals have been established as well as using energy efficiency measures.


Architecture, Interior Design, Planning