BSA Lifestructures

Advanced Research and Innovation Facility

The Advanced Research and Innovation Facility is designed to ignite collaboration among innovators and entrepreneurs in life sciences, tech, advanced manufacturing and engineering fields. As the first building constructed within 16 Tech, a 60-acre innovation district, Building One is intended to be a cornerstone for research and urban development.

The interior is reflective of the work happening in the facility; a collaborative space that promotes innovative thinking with outside partners. Featured are highly-adaptable laboratories, collaboration spaces dispersed throughout the light-filled floors, and a cafe with a community gathering area open to the public.

Tenants will include Indiana University School of Medicine’s Indiana Center for Regenerative Medicine; a technology incubator that is a support entrepreneurs bringing new drugs, devices and health information technology to the market; and the Indiana Bioscience Research Institute (IBRI).

“Building One will be home to researchers, entrepreneurs and advanced industry leaders in tech, life sciences, advanced manufacturing, renewable energy, ag-bioscience and talent development. These tenants represent the ideal cross-section of industry expertise and entrepreneurial energy that will drive innovation in Indiana’s econom

– Bob Coy, president and CEO of 16 Tech Community Corporation

Project Statistics

  • Client Indiana Biosciences Research Institute
  • Location Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Size 121,000 SF