As a design, architecture, and engineering firm focused in healing, learning and discovery, BSA’s mission of creating inspired solutions to improve lives continues on with projects across the nation.

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07/09/2024 Engineering, Healing


In this episode, Marija Gumienny joins the show to discuss technology, from low voltage, AV to wearable tech and hardwired systems, and how technology affects engineering in planning and design […]


06/18/2024 Healing, Planning

Bridging the Gap in Healthcare Planning

Monte Hoover and Keith Smith share their experiences in healthcare facility planning and design. Both have 40+ years of experience in strategic planning and discuss the challenges and opportunities that […]


06/04/2024 Learning

Student Life

Josh Vel, Scott Allen and Emmie Tyson join the show for a discussion about designing and planning for Student Life on college campuses. The conversation includes creating communal spaces, what […]


05/21/2024 Interior Design

The Case for Interior Design in the Planning Process

Jen Worley and Carrie McGovern join the podcast to discuss interior design and make the case for interiors to be part of the planning process for any project, as well […]


05/07/2024 Interior Design, Learning

Case Study: Butler University Sciences Complex Addition & Renovation

To conclude a two-part series on the Case Study of the Butler University Sciences Complex Addition & Renovation, BSA Senior Interior Designer Samantha Kreager joins the podcast to talk about […]


04/23/2024 Learning

Client Perspectives: Butler University Sciences Complex Addition & Renovation

Butler University Chemistry and Biochemistry Professor Stacy O’Reilly joins the show to discuss the recently completed Sciences Complex addition and renovation, how BSA solved challenges the project presented, and her […]


04/09/2024 Architecture, Discovery, Engineering, Healing, Interior Design, Learning, Planning

Leading & Managing Large Projects

BSA Principal Kevin Token joins the podcast to share insights on leading and managing large projects, how important communication is throughout a project life cycle, scope changes, and leveraging technology […]


03/26/2024 Discovery, Healing, Learning, Sustainability

Importance of Sustainability

Josh Vel, Director of Design at BSA, and Paul Harry, a Principal Engineer, discuss the importance of sustainability and what it means to clients and end users in the healing, […]


03/12/2024 Architecture

The Innovation Framework

BSA Chief Design Officer Tim Bosche joins the podcast to discuss architectural design and design tools, as well as how technology has sped up design – and why that’s not […]



Working at BSA

Erica Bashore and Lauren Murphy join the podcast to talk about the ins and outs of working at BSA and what makes BSA such a unique working experience, including commitment […]


02/13/2024 Discovery, Healing, Learning, Planning

The Importance of Master Planning

Teri Joy discusses the importance of Master Planning in creating a whole campus experience and how planning is an inclusive and immersive experience aimed at better patient and user outcomes. […]


01/30/2024 Discovery

What is Discovery?

What does Discovery mean? This episode is the last of our mini-series diving into BSA LifeStructures’ three primary practices and our focus in these markets. Derek West, discovery principal/architect, joins […]


01/16/2024 Learning

What is Learning?

Explore the ins and outs of the Learning market in this episode with BSA’s National Learning & Discovery Practice Director, Scott Allen, and David Liberatore, a Learning Principal and former […]


01/02/2024 Healing

What is Healing?

In this episode, BSA’s National Healing Practice Director, Melanie Harris, discusses her journey in the world of architecture and healing. She also shares insight into how architecture impacts patients in […]


12/12/2023 Discovery, Healing, Learning

Why Healing, Learning, and Discovery?

BSA Principal Keith Smith, a 40-year team member and President of BSA from 2009-16, joins the podcast to share how the firm got into the healing, learning, and discovery markets […]


11/28/2023 Architecture, Discovery, Engineering, Healing, Interior Design, Learning, Planning

Local Leadership, National Expertise

In this episode, BSA President Sam Jackson shares details about BSA’s Local Leadership, National Expertise, regional studio approach, how it sets BSA apart, and how it lends itself to serving […]


11/14/2023 Architecture, Discovery, Engineering, Healing, Interior Design, Learning, Planning

The Differentiators

BSA LifeStructures CEO Tim Spence joins the podcast to share some key differentiators that set BSA apart in the highly competitive marketplace of healing, learning and discovery design, architecture, engineering, […]




In this preview episode, BSA’s CMO Brian Moore kicks off the BSA By Design podcast and shares what the podcast series is all about and BSA’s unique story to share. […]