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Getting design right without over-or underbuilding requires a meticulous pre-design planning effort.  Effective Planning is critical to ensure that the right decisions are made before design and construction begins.  The BSA LifeStructures Planning Team helps clients to discover and create a reimagined future.  Our planning experts empower clients to think beyond their current state and experiences in order to explore and develop future strategic, operational and infrastructure needs. Based upon rapidly evolving demands in healthcare, academic and research environments, the facility planning studio delivers ideas, technologies and leading practices grounded in Lean methodologies, and industry benchmarks. As a result, planning becomes the owner’s roadmap to shaping future success.

Planning Services

  • Master Planning

    Strategic campus and facility planning initiatives that inform your capital planning strategy and prioritize key facility decisions to promote stability in a healthcare market changing at an incredible pace.

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  • Higher Education Planning

    Whether it be campus, precinct, individual facility, or departmental programming, planning or design, our integrated team is adept at taking a comprehensive approach to meeting these challenges.

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  • Operational Planning

    Operations’ planning addresses the model of care, staff efficiency, workflow, safety and patient experience from the view of healthcare professionals who have worked and managed in the healthcare environment.

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  • Facility Management

    Using emerging technologies along with current and historic building and infrastructure data, BSA LifeStructures’ facility management team will identify the tools and processes needed to maintain and optimize your facility.

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  • Technology Planning

    LifeStructures Technology Planning implements current functions to future needs through technology and its application to real situations.

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  • Transition Planning

    BSA LifeStructures provides transition and occupancy planning services to ensure that staff are prepared for the opening of their new facility.

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