BSA Lifestructures

About the Firm

BSA LifeStructures designs facilities that support, enhance and inspire healing, learning and discovery. Facilities that are LifeStructures.

Our integrated disciplinary efforts with visionary healthcare, higher education and research clients achieve measurable outcomes through metrics-driven design solutions. Together, we create inspired solutions that improve lives.


BSA LifeStructures pursues a collaborative process that relies on user and community input to create facilities that support and enhance the important work being done within them. With the firm’s multidisciplinary staff, we create purposeful and outcome-focused environments where the impact of design is measured in performance gains.

Dedicated to progressive and sustainable design, the firm has designed a number of LEED-certified buildings, as well as facilities planned to accommodate the future growth and evolution of the institutions that use them. With offices in Austin, Denver, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Raleigh, St. Louis, and Tampa, BSA LifeStructures has grown for four decades by not simply designing buildings, but by providing inspired solutions that improve lives.


Since 1975, BSA LifeStructures has dedicated itself to bringing facilities to life, creating facilities that support and enhance the practices of healing, learning and discovery as well as the people dedicated to them. With a balanced blend of inspired creativity, evidence-based design and years of experience, BSA LifeStructures has created facilities for some of the nation’s top healthcare, higher education and research institutions.

We are Partners.

Our employee-owners value team success as well as individual success.

We care about our clients' business and are beyond helpful – anticipating our clients' needs. We are good stewards of our clients' resources and our own. We participate in our community by giving our time, talents, and resources. We are partners to each other, no matter what function another employee-owner may fill, or where they are physically located. We collaborate to make sure that we succeed together.

We are Purposeful.

Our experts are solution oriented, creating inspired solutions in healing, learning, and discovery environments.

We are focused in our three markets. We do complex spaces. Everyone at BSA strives for excellence in everything they do. Our experts are solution oriented and listen, challenge, and solve complex problems. Being purposeful means having people doing what they love so they can add the most value towards improving lives.

We Are Learners

We are constantly striving for expertise and sharing knowledge.

We are curious and value the diversity that comes when people from various backgrounds, geographies, and education attack a problem together. Our curiosity drives us to strengthen expertise, resulting in high value for our clients. We lead our clients to inspired solutions by applying in-depth knowledge of relevant subjects within our markets.

We Are Owners

We are committed to a culture of empowerment; thinking and acting like employee-owners to ensure the success of our clients and our business.

Because of our competitive nature and desire for the business to be successful, we work hard and play hard. Our employee-owners challenge one another to excel. We think like entrepreneurs and are innovative in the ways we approach problems.

We Are Ideal Team Players

We are humble, hungry, and smart.

We are respectfully confident – knowing who we are and what we know. We create trust and respect by sharing our ideas with each other, and our clients. Our hunger is from our competitive spirit, constantly striving to seek knowledge and improve ourselves, our design solutions, and each other. We are emotionally intelligent, demonstrating positivity, respect, fun, and passion to our fellow employee-owners and those outside of BSA.