BSA Lifestructures

NOLA Behavioral Health Inpatient Facility

November 12, 2020






A studio at the University of Kansas School of Architecture challenged students to create innovative spaces that could offer more efficient, sustainable, and smart healthcare.

BSA’s architectural designer Juno So, a student at the time, and Samia Mansour chose to design a mental health facility. This project is a 48-bed behavioral health hospital adjacent to the University Medical Center in New Orleans.

The research revealed a high concentration of behavioral health issues for all age groups in New Orleans, while each group has its behavioral health concerns. Moreover, a high percentage of the homeless population in this area suffer from behavioral issues such as substance abuse.

This project provides a home-base that offers a full range of behavioral health services and addresses the needs of underserved user groups. The facility includes three 16-bed inpatient units (geriatric, adult, adolescent), an outpatient behavioral health service for working parents and adolescents in school, and a homeless rehabilitation center. It integrates features from nature, music, arts, nutrition to physical activities in the holistic healing process for mental health recovery and prevention.

Congratulations to Juno and Samia! The Center for Health Design, in partnership with Healthcare Design magazine, announced their project was given the top Student Winner for Graduate Projects in the 2020 Healthcare Environment Awards, acknowledging the project’s innovation and design excellence.