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LifeStructures News: October

October 26, 2020

Evolving Cancer Center Design Solutions for Patients and Providers

A cancer diagnosis is devastating news for a patient and their family to hear from their doctor. It is an especially difficult task for the physician, as well — one that no doubt contributes to increased stress and anxiety.

There has been a seismic paradigm shift in cancer care. Cancer treatment that once was standardized and focused on treating the disease has become individualized and patient-centric. Read more here.


What makes a laboratory great? How is it that a lab can get a nickname like, “The Invention Factory?” Or consistently be among the top grant-funded? The answer lies in productivity. Whether the lab is for research, testing, or teaching, operating at optimal potential is the goal of any lab. Register for the conference here.



Join us for a conversation about Leading through Disruption. Improving what we do and what our teams can do every day is why we all invest our time in education.  Knowing where to start and how to frame the conversation is half the battle. We will highlight lessons learned and areas of focus as a process improvement leader and change leader in your organization. Register for the conference here.