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  • Renovation can turn older university buildings into high-performing labs

    A veteran laboratory planner and designer offers advice on when, why, and how to turn... Read More
  • Bringing People Back to the Built Environment

    How can space support people’s safety? Read More
  • What Ghana has to teach US healthcare

    A team of St. Louis-area physicians who call themselves MISSION:318 recently approached designers about a... Read More
  • Interactive Design Diagrams

    This set of interactive diagrams provides a link between the evidence-base, design strategies, and desired... Read More
  • Future Indications for the Built Environment

    The following are the most frequently asked questions our firm is being asked related to post COVID-19 design... Read More
  • Strategies to Help Hospitals Run Efficiently During COVID-19

    Hospitals are looking for effective, efficient strategies and solutions that can be implemented quickly to... Read More
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