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How Design Technology Can Lend a Hand in Restoration

Brad Brown, BIM Manager/ArchitectApril 26, 2019

BSA, like many AEC firms today, have access to a tremendous amount of technology tools. These tools have been a key element in the restoration and reconstruction of the Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris after the devastating fire that took place. Technology such as drone footage, 3D point clouds made for historic architectural preservation, and screen captures are utilized in these efforts. Even gaming screen captures from a popular PC game, Assassin’s Creed Unity features an incredible inspired recreation of the Cathédrale.

As architects, engineers, and planners, we use this type of technology during the design and construction process everyday on both new buildings and existing facilities for our clients in the same way that it is being used to restore this historic landmark.

Some examples such as laser scanning and drone technology can be seen here and here.

It’s amazing to think how all these individuals will pull their resources to save this Architectural treasure. We can only hope that other significant landmarks are afforded the opportunity to have their glory documented in similar ways. Not only as a form of preservation but for our generation and those to follow, to learn from the genius of our architectural precursors.

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