BSA Lifestructures

Go Green With Sustainable Design

April 22, 2017

The benefits of sustainable design are abundant. Hospitals can significantly reduce their operational costs and create better healing environments, universities can further enhance their reputations as environmental stewards, and laboratories can become more energy efficient.

In addition to reducing carbon footprints through sustainable design, owners must also continue to fulfill the needs of their staff and remain competitive in the marketplace. In short, sustainable design needs to be a natural outcome of the built environment.

BSA LifeStructures works with clients to connect the financial, environmental and social aspects of sustainable design. The firm leverages their multidisciplinary design staff to conduct eco-charettes where attainable and agreed upon project sustainability goals are determined.

Our portfolio includes LEED, Green Guide for Healthcare, and Energy Star certified designs. Regardless of what level of sustainable design clients pursue, BSA LifeStructures’ design responds to meet the global climate for high performance facilities.

To view or download more information on BSA LifeStructures’ sustainable design projects click here : Sustainable Design Projects