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COVID-19 is not the first worldwide pandemic, and it certainly will not be the last as urbanization and globalization makes our world more susceptible. While many of us shelter in place, we are cognizant of our clients who are on the front lines and want to say, “thank you.” We are grateful for your sacrifices in taking care of our communities, friends, and families.

While we at BSA do not have the skill set to care for people, we do have the skills and training to be an integral part of the response. Our teams have been assisting with surge capacity planning, equipment and operational planning, and MEP engineering modifications. We are in this together, and BSA stands ready as a partner to honor our mission to create inspired solutions that improve lives.

  • Healthcare Planning Considerations

    Healthcare systems are making decisions in a rapidly changing environment to expand their capacity to treat patients. It is imperative to validate decisions with future state planning and strategic goals.

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  • MEP Primary Considerations

    The two primary considerations are the amount of outside air and room pressurization. Ideally, the supply air is 100% outdoor with no recirculation, which requires the air to be exhausted to the exterior.

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  • Limiting the Spread

    As facilities are scrambling to create isolation units for COVID-19 patients, they are also preparing for other likely scenarios, such as how they perform surgery on an infectious patient.

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  • Checklist Importance

    Since there are still only 24 hours in a day, leadership does not always have time to focus on everything. A thorough checklist can be beneficial in times like this.

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  • Innovative Solutions

    We are reconciling what we already know about how to protect people from viruses by creating innovative solutions that can be quickly and easily implemented.

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  • Effectiveness of UV Light

    To help contain the spread of this virus, the most effective effort is isolating the new patients; however, not every attempt works as well as others.

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  • Reverting Systems Back

    Hospital systems throughout the country are quickly responding to the ongoing influx of COVID-19 patients. Eventually, these changes will need to be undone.

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  • Healthcare Parking Design

    The hospital site or outdoor environment has utilized segregation of hospital staff from patients in the past for the primary purpose of creating convenience for the patient as they enter the hospital.

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  • Reopening Considerations

    As acute care facilities, clinic settings, and higher education systems consider post COVID-19 operations, these operational quick guides can be useful tools.

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  • Future Indications

    As we navigate through this challenging time with our clients, the following are the most frequently asked questions related to the built environment post-COVID-19 and our responses to date.

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  • The Perfect Storm

    What happens when a pandemic intersects a hurricane? The challenges will be exponential. There are, of course, ways to mitigate the impact of this disastrous overlay.

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