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Bill Carney, BIM Director November 1, 2017

 srcset=What makes BSA LifeStructures unique?

We invest in research and development of design technology means and methods.

Designing a LifeStructure has become a highly technology driven process. Our teams work hard to get the most out of our available hardware and software to design the right structure that fits every client’s needs. Our BIM (Building Information Modeling) team is made up of the firm’s design technology experts who act as a knowledge resource within the firm.

When researching new methods of designing, change is inevitable. Our BIM team helps manage the challenges that come with change by constantly researching, developing, and implementing design technology driven workflows.

We make good tools great.

As a firm, we strive for optimal utilization of the tools available that allow our project teams the ability to design the best possible lifestructures for our clients. Training and communication are key to proper tool implementation.

When it comes to keeping up with ever changing trends in technology, we rely on information shared by industry experts.In return, it is important to share our knowledge as well.

In order to have the top technology knowledge readily available for our firm, our BIM team works collaboratively within all disciplines. Our technology experts are encouraged to share the project experiences they gained through collaboration at local software user groups, conferences, and on the web.

Revit for Visualization:

BSA LifeStructures BIM Director, William Carney

Published with Learning: 

With an increase in real-time rendering programs, architectural and engineering firms are utilizing more detailed modeling practices. This course teaches  several methods of using Revit to create graphics to present a model, or graphically display information contained in a model. William Carney covers visibility settings, graphic display options, and material creation. Plus, he discusses the annotation of three-dimensional views, and techniques for quickly creating graphic presentation images that change the way a model looks without changing what is modeled.

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Placing a Family at a Pipe Penetration of a Floor

BSA LifeStructures BIM Manager, Matthew Warren

Published with the Autodesk Knowledge Site: 

This Autodesk training video shows how to place a Revit family at the intersection point between the floor slab and a pipe that would be penetrating the slab by using Dynamo. This is a huge time saving activity for producing a higher LOD BIM deliverable.

Autodesk Video