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BSA LifeStructures Adds Engineering Expertise in Denver

June 13, 2017

When a firm can add someone to its team who has professional expertise, years of experience and deep market relationships, it’s considered a great day. When a firm can add six people like that in a matter of a few days? Well, frankly, most firms never get that kind of opportunity.

But BSA LifeStructures recently did.

Six engineers from Deerns America’s recently closed Denver office have signed on with BSA LifeStructures. They’ll work in our Denver office – increasing that staff to 12 – and provide additional expertise to a firm-wide engineering team that’s already respected by its national peers.


Joining BSA LifeStructures as of June 1 are:

  • Kate Allen, who served as managing director of Deerns America and will serve as a principal-in-charge with BSA LifeStructures
  • Chris Douglas, senior electrical engineer
  • Clark Bishop, director, engineering services, Denver
  • Joshua Armstrong, senior mechanical engineer
  • Noble Lilliestierna, mechanical engineer
  • Mark Buss, senior mechanical designer

The process that made these hires possible offers an example of the power of good relationships and a willingness to seize opportunities. A few weeks ago when Deerns announced it would be closing its Denver office, Allen reached out to some of her peers for a little networking and advice on how she could keep her finely tuned team together. When she reached BSA LifeStructures Chairman Kevin Token, he saw an opportunity. The firm seized that opportunity, and, as a result, has added to its ability to deliver the level of services our clients expect.

BSA LifeStructures adds this team to an office that has been growing steadily. Opened in 2015 with one person, the firm’s Denver operation has grown to a dozen people: these six engineers, two registered architects, one designer, one interior designer, one business development person who is also a designer, and one corporate communications coordinator. A brand new office space is already busting at the seams.

Denver is a strong and growing market for us, and we expect this growth to continue. The addition of these professionals makes ongoing growth even more likely.

We welcome this team to BSA LifeStructures, and look forward to collaborating with them.

For more information on the Denver office, click HERE.