BSA Lifestructures

Active Learning Spaces: In the Zone

March 14, 2022

The learning environment must be comprised of spaces that fulfill dedicated functions while also supporting the entire floor plan and program. Zones allow us to create a design that celebrates these relationships between different spaces.

Adjacencies are critical to the proper creation of learning zones, where students can seamlessly transition from one setting to another. Technology and furnishings reinforce the architectural design intent of active learning spaces and allow communication and ideas to move with the users.

How do you know when you’ve successfully created an active learning environment? While the evolution of the learning environment means that there will never be one correct answer, the willingness of students to continually access certain spaces in a campus typically wrought with locations to learn and study is the designer’s best feedback on active learning environments. Furthermore, is your facility attracting students participating in all three learning behaviors – focus, socialization, and collaboration?

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