The Calculus Underneath Effective Crisis Mitigation Planning

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November 30, 2020



By Chase Miller and Melanie Harris

From preparing for an initial surge of COVID patients at your hospital to decommissioning emergency treatment tents after the curve flattened to constantly replenishing your PPP stockpiles and rescheduling elective surgeries, every healthcare organization is working overtime to provide quality care in the “new normal” pandemic environment. And, like the COVID-19 virus, there is no immediate cure for pandemic fatigue – but there are steps you can take now to help inoculate your organization from the effects of the next crisis.

While it may not be another pandemic, one thing is certain – market disruptions will continue to occur – and your organization’s viability to continue providing care for your patients depends on your ability to respond quickly and decisively. Attached are planning suggestions to help your organization prepare for a post-pandemic market economy.

The Calculus Underneath Effective Crisis Mitigation Planning