Designing Cleaner Spaces

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July 17, 2020

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By Karen Tobin

How can we create spaces that are easy and intuitive to clean? How can material selection enhance feelings of safety and control? COVID-19 has changed how people think about the cleanliness of our spaces. As cleaning and disinfecting protocols are re-evaluated or enhanced in hospitals, universities, workplaces, and social spaces, it is imperative designers, and end-users understand the cleanability of the surfaces and material types within their facilities.

At BSA, we will continue to use our years of experience in the healthcare market with infection prevention strategies to inform all our designs. We understand which materials have the highest durability and are easiest to clean and which are more susceptible to damage and a potential infection control risk. Our research will continue to inform our inspired solutions
while maintaining safe environments for those who inhabit them.

Designing Cleaner Spaces