Design Attributes Impacting Staff Perceptions

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January 2, 2024

Knowledge, Research


By Zahra Zamani, Teri Joy, Mark Abbey

The study delves into the critical relationship between physical environmental factors and staff perceptions of safety in healthcare settings. Through a comprehensive investigation involving 1,145 clinical and non-clinical staff, the research identifies significant predictors of staff satisfaction with staff and patient safety outcomes. In addition to confirming existing knowledge, this research unveils novel insights by highlighting previously overlooked elements in the physical environment, including positive distractions, spatial layout, signage, and comfortable furniture, as significant predictors of staff satisfaction regarding safety perceptions. Policymakers and planners are encouraged to utilize these findings to develop evidence-based policies that prioritize staff and patient safety in healthcare infrastructure.

Keywords: Staff satisfaction; perception of safety; healthcare design; physical environment; user-centered design

Exploring Environmental Design Attriutes Impacting Staff Perceptions