Denver’s Impact: Design in our Vibrant City

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March 28, 2024

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Multi-facility campuses engage BSA LifeStructures to help them achieve greater revenue, expand their mission-driven capacity, and enhance their healing, learning, and discovery environments. Since our expansion to the Rocky Mountains in 2015, BSA has integrated creativity and collaboration, cultivating a dynamic studio environment where innovation thrives. Our multidisciplinary expertise fosters strong partnerships with clients in the healthcare, higher education, and research sectors. Nestled in the heart of downtown, our studio is a hub for serving along the Rocky Mountain West.

At BSA, we are collaborators at heart, valuing inclusivity, creativity, and continuous growth within our team culture. From brainstorming sessions to project executions, we enthusiastically embrace each challenge, recognizing that we are stronger together, leveraging our collective talents to deliver unparalleled design solutions. Amidst our dedication to excellence, we prioritize cultivating a fun and supportive work environment where collaboration feels effortless, and every voice is heard. Hear from Eric Eschenbrenner on our approach.

BSA is engaged in leading speed to market and integration of complex systems with key stakeholder alignment on their projects. We help facilitate the power of an aligned team of experts working together to create impactful designs that result in thoughtful spaces. Hear from Kat DiPietro about serving as the studio director and principal for our healthcare teams. As BSA grows in the Rocky Mountain West, Kat brings her passion and expertise in healthcare design and research to the table. 

Our studio is not merely a workplace, but a community of passionate individuals committed to pushing boundaries, sparking creativity, and making a meaningful impact on the built environment. Experience the excitement of being part of a growing team that thrives on innovation, camaraderie, and the joy of creating exceptional spaces.


Join us in shaping the future of our community by reaching out to our Denver leadership team today. Let’s ignite positive change and build a brighter tomorrow for all.