BSA Appoints New Chair and Two New Members to the Board of Directors

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May 17, 2023

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BSA LifeStructures (BSA), a nationally recognized architecture and engineering firm, has appointed a new chair and filled two vacant seats on their current nine-person board of directors. Effective today, David Liberatore will take over as chair, joining new members Melanie Harris and Andrew Lough.

“It’s been my great honor to serve as the board chair over the past eight years, and I am proud of what we’ve accomplished at BSA,” said Kevin Token, who will not stand for re-election in accordance with the three-term limit. “I love this company and plan to stay in a role that allows me to use my strengths to best serve BSA going forward. I am pleased to pass the reins to David.”

David Liberatore will take over the board of directors’ chair role while continuing to lead the learning and discovery practices as director. A licensed architect, David brings over 35 years of design experience in the public and private sectors for education, healthcare, and research. In this new role, David will ensure the board of directors operates with transparency and strong governance in developing strategic guidelines for BSA.

“I am honored to be selected as board chair,” said Liberatore. “I believe in the BSA mission to improve lives through the solutions we develop and look forward to working with all of the board members in setting strategy to fulfill this mission. The board is a committed group of individuals that will be strengthened by the fresh ideas and perspectives of new members Melanie and Andrew. I welcome the opportunity to serve BSA in this new capacity and look forward to contributing to the continued growth of our employee-owned company.”

Melanie joined BSA in 2020, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, to expand the firm’s presence in the Florida market and quickly transitioned into the healing practice director role. She is a powerful leader, strong communicator, and a visionary strategist. She enjoys bringing unique solutions to design challenges and is passionate about building an empowered culture and strong relationships with clients and industry partners. Melanie graduated from the College of Engineering Trivandrum with a Bachelor of Science in architecture and Texas A&M University with a Master of Science in architecture. She continues to support her alma mater, Texas A&M, as one of the members of the Dean’s Advisory Board for the School of Architecture.

Andrew believes the physical environment can greatly affect how people feel and perform. Andrew has a passion for helping organizations improve environments for the people who interact with them on a daily basis. For the past 27 years, this has meant the design of spaces that improve the way students learn, faculty teach, and that facilitate researchers making new discoveries. Andrew graduated from Ball State University with a Bachelor of Architecture and a Bachelor of Science in environmental design.